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Investment and Finance

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​Actuaries and Investment

For some time now, the DAV has been pursuing the goal of closer links to mathematicians working in investment and banking. Simultaneously, financial mathematics topics have become increasingly important for the day-to-day work of actuaries. Whereas, in the past, actuaries' work was dominated more by classic, liability-oriented topics and functions, modern actuarial duties and responsibilities have expanded considerably, especially as a result of international accounting standards. And this process is by no means at an end: starting with capital market-related products such as unit-linked life insurance, extending to tracker-fund-oriented tariffs, hybrid products and variable annuities as well as the current, extremely complex situation on the capital markets, investments are moving increasingly onto the radar of questions and estimations that were, originally, of a purely actuarial nature.

Accordingly, the DAV is now dealing with the following investment-related topics:

  • Informing and educating actuaries and financial mathematicians in all topics concerning investments and the investment industry;

  • Supporting actuaries in their day-to-day work in the form of notes and guidelines on investment-related topics and their impact on actuarial activities;

  • Producing opinions and statements on current topics concerning investments and the investment industry;

  • Assuring the transfer of know-how between the specialist committees of the DAV on investment issues and their interface to underwriting and insurance;

  • Establishing a technical internet platform to foster and support communication and knowledge transfer (a wiki).

DAV's Investment Committee

The DAV's Investment Committee, which has an inter-disciplinary remit to examine issues from the field of investment, is coordinating and managing these activities.

Professional Standards of Practice

The following list provides a selection of professional standards published by DAV's Investment Committee. For every professional standard there is an abstract in English and the full version in German available.

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AFIR/ERM Section

AFIR (Actuarial Approach for Financial Risk) / ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) concentrate on promoting actuarial research on financial mathematics and risk management topics.

The AFIR/ERM Section meetings take place twice a year during the Annual Meeting of the DAV and DGVFM at the end of April and the Autumn Meeting in November. Participation in the meetings is open to any interested party and not restricted to members of the DAV or the DGVFM.

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If you have any questions regarding the field of investment please contact:

Lena Höpken
+49 221/912 554-224

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