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Consumer protection

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Actuaries and Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is one of the fields that is becoming increasingly important for actuaries and thus also for the DAV.

The objective of the working group on consumer protection, convened by the Board, is to analyse consumer protection issues from an actuarial perspective. The working group accompanies and examines legal initiatives at national and international level and has the task of structuring dialogue between consumer-protection advocates and actuaries.

In more concrete terms, this means

  • involvement in consultations;

  • drafting DAV position papers on consumer protection;

  • involvement in working groups, e.g., at the AAE, on consumer protection;

  • communication and discussion with supervisory / regulatory authorities and consumer protection organisations;

  • supporting DAV members in the implementation of consumer protection requirements

in particular whilst giving due consideration to actuarial and underwriting aspects.

At present, the working group is examining, in particular, the issues of:

  • Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs)

  • The EIOPA proposal for a Pan-European Pension Product (PEPP)

  • Product Oversight and Governance (POG)

  • Product information Point for Retirement Provision: risk-return classification

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If you have any questions regarding the topic of consumer protection please contact:

Birgit Kaiser
0221/912 554-210

Positions & Summaries

A summary of aGerman Standard for Category 4 PRIIPs as defined by the DAV (15 November 2019)

Position of DAV
on the actuarial issues concerning the protection of consumer interests (6 March 2017)

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