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Voluntary Activities

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Voluntary activities

The DAV, DGVFM, IVS and their joint academy (DAA) live from the voluntary activities and engagement of their members for the benefit of the Association as well as their active involvement in many different areas, activities and projects. Actuaries from the fields of insurance, finance and retirement provision as well as university lecturers in insurance and financial mathematics make a considerable contribution to the further academic and scientific, specialist and professional development of the Association. In this respect, the following activities deserve particular mention:

  • working in the board, the committees and the working groups of the DAV, DGVFM and IVS;

  • taking on responsibility for the programmes of specialist events such as the Sections of DAV and DGVFM, the Academy Day for Responsible Actuaries, the IVS Forum and many other of the Association's CPD events;

  • lecturing and speaking at these events, in order to pass on experience and knowledge to colleagues;

  • organising CPD forums beyond those offered by the Association, e.g., in companies (as tutors) or at a local / regional level (“DAV vor Ort”);

  • writing pieces for the Members Journal "Der Aktuar", for the magazine "Aktuar Aktuell" to present the Association's professionally-substantiated position as well as for the DGVFM's academic "European Actuarial Journal" and for the academic and scientific papers for insurance and financial mathematics that bridge scientific research and application in practice;

  • becoming involved in the international cooperation of the profession, especially with the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE);

  • supporting and mentoring future generations of actuaries and promoting actuarial training to become a DAV Actuary, both of which are particularly important for the future of the profession.

Around 700 members of DAV, DGVFM and IVS make available their specialist know-how to the Association, as well as developing it further, by working in specialist committees and appropriate working groups on issues and questions that are crucial for the profession. Thus, on the one hand, they provide support to all Members when it comes to working in their profession on a daily basis and, on the other hand, they provide the specialist expert basis that allows the DAV to position itself as an expert association to the outside world. This demanding and time-consuming commitment is accredited as continuous professional development.

Moreover, the members themselves derive their own benefit from supporting the Association since it enables them to:

  • exchange experience and thus further develop their own specialist expertise and know-how;

  • build up a strong network with their peers in other companies;

  • contribute to the scientific, specialist and professional development of the Association;

  • have a stake in the specialist positioning, particularly of the DAV and IVS; and

  • help to shape the future of the Association.

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If you have any questions regarding the voluntary activities please contact:

Birgit Kaiser
+49 221/912 554-210

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