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Membership information

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​Membership information

The Members of DAV and IVS

The DAV's members deal, as experts, with calculating products, valuing future insurance obligations as well as assessing and managing and steering risk using mathematical and statistical methods. They serve the interests of both customers and companies, by ensuring the lasting security of products and the financial stability of their providers – an activity that is extremely important for society. You can find detailed information about the DAV's organisation and its objectives in thestatutes of the DAV.

The work of our IVS experts focuses on valuing the liabilities in all different forms of retirement provision. Moreover, IVS members have a significant role to play in the field of occupational pensions, too. For many of the different advisory services provided in the retirement provision industry, the qualification as an IVS expert is an important pre-condition. IVS members may use the title Certified Pensions Actuary (IVS) ("IVS-geprüfter versicherungsmathematischer Sachverständiger für Altersversorgung") or rather Actuary DAV / IVS ("Aktuar DAV / IVS").

In addition to a degree in mathematics or a comparable discipline, as well as appropriate professional experience, a further prerequisite for membership of the DAV and IVS is the passing of examinations in basic and specialised subjects. Members of the IVS must first of all attain membership of the DAV. All information concerning the examinations required to become a DAV actuary and an IVS expert can be found in the section "Become an Actuary".

Actuaries who are full members of another European actuarial association or of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) but who are employed in Germany may also become members of the DAV. This is stipulated in an agreement on the mutual recognition of actuarial education and training between the members of the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE) and a corresponding bilateral agreement between the ASSA and the DAV. The relevant regulations as well as the corresponding application form can be found in the box on the right.

The Members of DGVFM

The DGVFM is the specialist mathematical society for experts working in Germany in academia and business in the fields of insurance and financial mathematics as well as quantitative risk management. Alongside DAV actuaries, its members include university lecturers teaching and conducting research in the above-mentioned disciplines at universities and universities of applied science.

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If you have any questions regarding membership please contact:

Birgit Kaiser
+49 221/912 554-210

Recognition of Actuarial Qualifications

regulations for the recognition of actuarial qualifications

application form for a DAV-membership based on a mutual recognition agreement (AAE / ASSA)

mutual recognition agreement between the members of the AAE

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