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International involvement

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​International Scope and Activities

For some years now, international developments have become increasingly important for the DAV. In this respect, international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and the new European supervisory regime, Solvency II, are just two of the most obvious issues. Increasingly, decisions made in these international decision-making bodies have far-reaching consequences for all actuaries and the companies in which they work, also for those who only practice their professions in a national context. At the same time, the underlying specialist and technical demands being made of the profession mean that, internationally, the expectations for national learning and development for actuaries and for professional standards are becoming increasingly aligned.

A dynamic increase in membership, currently standing at more than 4,900 members, has made the DAV one of the most significant actuarial associations worldwide in terms of membership. This is also reflected in the international scope and activities of our actuaries when it comes to international cooperation within the profession. The DAV is represented competently in all major committees of

the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and

the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE, previously known as the Groupe Consultatif).

Alongside direct involvement in the committees and sub-committees of these international umbrella associations, the DAV also seeks direct coordination and agreement, primarily with its European sister associations, in order to agree a common stance prior to the meetings of the IAA and AAE.

Within the AAE, the European project, Solvency II, has particular significance: on 1 January 2016 the new pan-European, risk-based supervisory system for the insurance industry entered into force. The DAV has been closely involved in the design and shaping of Solvency II via its members who were working directly in related projects as well as the numerous working groups that dealt with the many issues surrounding Solvency II. Moreover, since spring 2013 the DAV's Siegbert Baldauf has been seconded to the AAE to head its Solvency II project.

In 2023, the President of the AAE is Giampaolo Crenca (Italy). He succeeded Lutz Wilhelmy (Switzerland), who had been the President of the AAE for the previous twelve months.

The President of the International Actuarial Association is Micheline Dionne from Canada. In 2012, Prof. Dr Kurt Wolfsdorf was the first German to head the IAA.

In addition to its cooperation with other actuarial associations the DAV also strives to hold regular institutional talks at a European level, mainly with

  • the European Supervisory Authority EIOPA,

  • the Unit for "Insurance and Retirement Provision", Directorate General Internal Market and Services in the EU Commission, as well as

  • the Members of the European Parliament with responsibility for insurance and retirement provision.

European Actuarial Academy (EAA)

The European Actuarial Academy is a joined initiative by the Actuarial Associations of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Its foundation was a response to the increased demand from Central and Eastern European countries for actuarial knowledge. EAA strives to become the knowledge centre of European Actuary education. EAA offers permanent education for certified actuaries and consulting on actuarial education on an international level.

Jeroen Breen (left) and Henning Wergen are the Managing Directors of the EAA.

International Committee

The International Committee of the DAV advises the Board of the DAV on the strategic further development of its international activities, identifies issues and developments on which the DAV ought to adopt a pro-active stance and coordinates the involvement and activities of the DAV's internationally active members. In so doing, it also ensures that relevant information and content is fed back to the respective committees and working groups within the DAV as well as ensuring that opinions are formed on a broad base.

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If you have any questions regarding the international involvement of DAV please contact:

Dr. Daniel Jung
+49 221/912 554-241

International Associations

International Actuarial Association:

Actuarial Assocation of Europe:

International Education

European Actuarial Academy

CERA Global

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