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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In 2014 the new system of professional training has been implemented requiring members of the DAV to gain 20 hours of professional training per year. This requirement ensures a high level of actuarial expertise and guards the value of the title "Aktuar DAV". To complete those 20 hours of training the DAV and its partner, the German Actuarial Academy (DAA), provide a wide range of seminars, web-based courses and other training formats. All lectures or events are assigned a specific number of credit points – corresponding to the hours spend on the program – which are counted within the online account of each member. Furthermore the members can submit other means of professional training like self-study to successfully complete their required credit points.


The DAA offers different courses with one- to three-day duration concerning actuarial topics of all sections. In addition to presentations there are interactive formats like workshops and computer-based teamwork to immediately put the learned content into practice. Direct exchange with teachers and participants in these in-class lectures enhances the learning effect significantly.

Web-based training

Compact lessons of up to three hours provide focused information on current topics within the business field of actuaries. The web-based courses with text-, audio- and video-features enable actuaries from all over the country to easily engage in the training without spending time and money on the journey.

Other training formats

Next to in-class and web-based courses the DAA hosts various training events throughout the year for different target audiences and topics. Those one-day conferences provide customized input for actuaries of different sections and functions and are usually held once a year. Very popular events are the Academy Day for Appointed Actuaries, the conference for CERA actuaries, the Experts Forum, the Young DAV Forum for young professionals and max.99, a training event with parallel sessions and up to 99 participants per room for a discussion-friendly atmosphere. Beside the presented know-how these conferences enable participants to network and exchange with colleagues. Exactly as with seminars the participation in any of the events is credited with credit points.

Recorded Sessions

In recent years the DAA provides webcasts of the DAV Annual and Autumn Meetings. Presentations of different sections address current key topics of the industry and showcase new approaches or ideas for the insurance business and finance sector. The webcasts of those lectures educate actuaries, who could not be present at the meetings and still want to be up-to-date. The videos include the broadcast of the speaker as well as the slides ensuring that the viewer can enjoy the full scope of the presentation.


The first streaming platform designed especially for actuaries worldwide offers a comprehensive CPD tracking for all eligble content. Videos which have been watched more than 90 % will be documented in a track record that can be downloaded and will be recognized by the DAV for CPD credits. Go to

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For further questions about CPD formats offered by the German Actuarial Academy please contact:

Henning Wergen (COO), 0221/912 554-310

International events

Find international events in Europe and worldwide for your own continuing professional development on the DAV website unter the tab "Veranstaltungen" / "Internationale Termine" (German version).

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