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Annual meetings

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Annual meetings

Each year in April the German actuaries come together for their Annual Meeting, a three-day conference and including the general assemblies of DAV und DGVFM. It is the biggest actuarial event in Germany with up to 1,300 participants and it takes place in different locations throughout the country.

The conference part includes the meetings of each actuarial section (LIFE, HEALTH, ASTIN, AFIR/ERM, Building-Societies and PENSION) with an interesting program on current topics of the insurance business and finance sector. Also the DGVFM presents a scientific program focussing on actuarial research (see the “Scientific Conferences” tab). In addition the members of DAV and DGVFM take part in their general assemblies to be informed about the work of the executive boards and decide on the articles of associations or vote on different positions and office-bearers. The Annual Meeting is accompanied by a diverse social program with an evening event, different day-tours and the reception for new members of the DAV.

The Annual Meetings are vital for the professional exchange and training of Germany’s actuaries and constituent to the associations DAV und DGVFM. All presentations as well as the reports of the executive board are taped and can be reviewed by participants later on the mobile website of the event (see "Recorded Sessions" under the "CPD" tab).

The Annual Meeting 2024 of DAV and DGVFM took place as a hybrid event from 24 to 26 April 2024 in Berlin and online.

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